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Nescafe Ricoffy - 250g

Nescafe Ricoffy - 250g

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Nescafe Ricoffy unique fresh percolated taste is captured from the finest coffee beans and chicory. This blend is slow roasted, ground and freshly percolated to perfection, capturing the full taste and aroma of fresh, roasted coffee. The granules ensure that your coffee dissolves quickly - giving you a smooth and balanced cup.
Timeless smooth taste - Take a moment to enjoy the famously smooth taste of Nescafe Ricoffy, a true icon of South African culture with a heritage that can be traced back to the time of the French Huguenots - the first to introduce chicory-based coffee to South Africa.

Ingredients: Chicory (6.5 Parts), Dextrins (6.5 Parts), Coffee (5 Parts), Maltose (1 Part), Dextrose (1 Part).

Made in South Africa.

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